All of these free online statistical calculators are downloaded and launched automatically through Java Web Start. These online statistics calculators compute normal distribution proportions (standard introduction to statistics problems), and p-values and critical values for the Student t-distribution, Fisher F-distribution, and the chi-square distribution. Screenshots of the statistical applications are posted on each calculator’s page.

Probability Distributions Links
Normal (Gaussian) Probability Calculator

Student’s t-Distribution Probability Calculator

Fisher’s F-Distribution Probability Calculator

Chi-Square Distribution Probability Calculator

Why Java Web Start?
I originally started to develop these programs as standard embedded applets. However I wanted to maintain uniformity across the different calculators and tools. Java Web Start launches the application in its own window. Several of the calculators (e.g., the confidence interval calculators) are computationally intensive and take some time to return an answer (seconds, not minutes). Having these programs in a separate window allows you to launch the application and go on your way to browse other topics, webpages, or simply return to more useful endeavours such as xkcd. The first time you launch a Java Web Start application from this website, unless Java 6 is already installed on your computer, you may be automatically directed the Java 6 installation process. You may then need to manually launch the downloaded .jnlp file depending on your browser and system. After this initial process, subsequent launches will be seamless. Happy calculating!